Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Why I Am A Sorority Girl?

As my godchild, niece or my other child or one of the other names that her mother and I have for her for her,   Allyson started her rush week at Bowling Green University, I began to feel the excitement for her and exploration of the process that she was going to undertake. It made me reminisce about my process and how I feel about my sorority, Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority Inc. Here are my 10 reasons that I am a sorority girl...

  1. Sisterhood-- I have built lifelong friendship with several of the members of my sorority. Many of these ladies were in my wedding and even one is my daughters godmother. These friendships I know will sustain the end of time and I know that these ladies will be there when I need them.
  2. Community Service--I have the opportunity to serve my community through my sorority on a larger scale and make a larger impact. With this network of great women and as this years community service chair, it has pushed me to look for different programming as well as more sophisticated ways to serve to put Sigma and my chapter in a greater light in the community at large. 
  3. I look good in blue  and gold. 
  4. I love poodles.
  5. Support-My Sorority sisters back me up  and support in not only in chapter programs, but outside of sorority. I have had sorority sisters email check on Ms. G, just send me a text to check in on more, show up at one of my families annual 4th of July cookouts or just sent me a nice note. The support is beneficial in keeping and maintaining our relationship.
  6. Uniqueness-- I love the uniqueness of each one of my sorors. We are each different have different assets, characteristics and qualities. These differences assist us in being one in whole in thoughts and actions for the greater good. 
  7. I get to wear those fabulous Greek letters.
  8. Travel-- With all the conferences, regional meetings or just a weekend shopping trip with sorors, I have been able to see parts of the United States that I would not have been able to see.  These trips with my sisters are also bonding times, if it is just exploring a new city, having a good laugh in a our room at a conference or picking up a new purse in our sorority colors. 
  9. Leadership--Through my sorority I have obtained additional leadership skills, through trainings and conferences, that the information has been useful in other areas of my life. 
  10. Well because  ........ I  LOVE SIGMA GAMMA RHO!
These things make me a sorority girl and so much more. I hope that as Allyson starts her journey into greekdom that she builds some of the same feelings for her sorority, her chapter and her sorority sisters.  Are you a sorority girl? What do you love about your sorority?

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Exploring The North Market

Last Friday I went exploring the North Market with my co-workers Sean and Lisa. We initially went to have lunch, but found a hold lot more.

We decided to have lunch at Hot Chicken Takeover. Can I just say, the chicken was hot and fried just right. I became full  soon, but dd not want to stop eating. The ice tea was the bomb and besides the was FREE! The ice tea and all condiments are free. You can have your choice of bread or waffle with your your meal. I had the waffle it and it was so worth it. I had so much left over I had enough for my lunch the next day.
The prices are pretty reasonable for the size portions that you quick. The food came out quick and the service was friendly. The atmosphere was fun and down home like you having picnic with your family. I definitely would go back again.
One the way to the car, we explored some more of the sites and smells in the North Market. My friend Sean, who is such a foodie, shared some of his favorites. I took a bite of one of the donuts that Sean bought and it was so yummy.  There we so many sites and sounds that I could not take them all in our lunch hour. 

I have been in the North Market before, but it has add some new vendors and changes to the look have made it more inviting. I am looking forward to planning my next visit. It is a nice escape in during the work day.

Sean in his happy place. 


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